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About Jotion

Made from food grade, organic and or wild crafted ingredients, Jotion's multi purpose potions nourish the skin of our families and yours, pets included! As with any new product, we recommend patch testing before lathering up.

About Joelle

Founder of Jotion, Joelle is a healer, chef, vocalist, multi instrumentalist, wise woman in training, and still happily hand makes every product

"I've loved making and sharing lotions and potions for as long as I can remember!

When I found the Wise Woman Tradition circa 2013, I was encouraged to not only continue creating multi purpose topical solutions for my whole family, but also to incorporate wild and cultivated healing herbs into the mix. I love writing and performing music with my husband and life partner River, cooking nutritionally dense omnivorous meals, massaging the faces and upper lymphatic channels of my friends and family, "gardening" (let's be honest, most of the plants I garden grow without my help, they are weeds after all!) and of course, making each and every Jotion product by hand!"

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